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which bts member is good at everything
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Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. My BTS boyfriend is Jimin! My bias, srsly tho I love them all, but Hobi is just so dreamyyy <3 . Like ummm AmErIcA ExPlAiN. So incorrect. He seems to be uncaring on the ouside, but actually he would care a lot about you. By Monica Chon. isnt this quiz based on their preference tho? Just him. But I still like euphoria singer Jeon Jungkook, jungkook is perfect in every sense The second time I got my bias Jungkook. 4 Suga 17.359 But I like him anyways . And I think all of them are really popular. The rapline's solo works are hyped by the fandom the first few weeks after released but then forgotten by the majority of them after that. I got Jungkook in my first try. Still proud of myself!! No More … By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. SUGA will never be as popular as the maknae line so you might as well get over it. He may not be the tallest BTS member, but he sure does have one hell of a golden ratio. actually i dislike boyfriend who is younger but if i get jungkook, well…. . BTS’ Jin piercing? Good luck! Jimin 3rd. No Jimin is indeed the most popular member outside of korea idk if the rest are accurate. Another thing is, that the list is outdated, so making an article about it now, makes it even weirder. Finally I got v after many times I try this quiz today i count it as one of my lucky day V ❤️❤️❤️❤️, Can’t believe I seriously got my own bias!!! to support you. Honestly V AND JUNGKOOK SHOULD BE FIRST they are sooooooo sweet. He isn’t my bias but I love my sunshine, JIMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! Based on Google Search Trend & YouTube Search trend, da youngest BTS mmbr, Jungkook, is leading da whole KPop industry. Jimin 6th. is ma biassss sugaa omggg, Omo waaaah., jungkook well he is the funny one and he is good looking and if he will suddently read what i just tiped..well he could write me back and yeah… he is the youngest too so he is like perfect to me but u know everybody has their opinion…and well i can sing too and i actually would love to cook to him…so well yeah, I took it the first time and got Rap mon then I got j hope (I love rap mon), Yay! Kim Tae Hyung I love you <3, Who is your BTS boyfriend? But my personal favourite member is Jungkook. ALWAYS AND FOREVER … JUNGKOOK!! I’m going to sue Jimin for bias wrecking me, he needs to stop being so cute and sexy! just kidding Ii love jimin sooooooooooooooo much for jimi n sarnghahamneda ????? We relate on so many levels!✌, I got my main bias which is Jimin.. but my main MAIN bias is Suga.. but I’m not sad cuz it’s CHIM CHIM!!! I would love to be his friend and maybe even past that zone *wink *wink, I always tried not to relate anything to bts while picking the answers and looked at my real self but then I got my ult bias anyway I’ve also been awkward since I was born…, I got Rapmon again lol What to do? Cypher Pt.3. i got my baby v he’s so hot in my taste of men and funny. huehue, #You have to chose an outfit for your date, what color do you prefer? Jimin is my future boyfieeee, Aww..the result is my bias soo he is my future bf..gawddd Jimin saranghae❤ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ…, Yeah. But my fav member is Hobi? They can't see that. Chrisaiah ❤, You wrote a legit essay. If you think Jungkook is my bias well I'm proud to say 'YES' he is? Your BTS boyfriend is V! You’re BTS boyfriend is the good-looking Jin! Your BTS boyfriend is Jimin! I got suga yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Your "Jimin" aka Jungkook isn't the least popular member. I wanted him before taking tests and i’m so happy because i got him #What’s your favorite number? me too I know I would get Suga we have the same personality. Before he joined the band he had several entertainment companies after him but he signed with BigHit after meeting RM and seeing how good a leader he was. Holy melting ice cubes! My bias is Namjoon and my boyfriend is Namjoon OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I dying inside, Jungkook is my boyfriend and my bias. You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know BTS? I kept on doing these polls, in different hours of the day and I kept on getting Jimin. #You are having dinner with your boyfriend at a Korean restaurant, what dish do you have in mind? (p.s-i am jk biased ), Yeah I just LOVED euphoria .... just needed a proper mv starring Jungkook and it would be a BOMB, wow I'm suprised taehyung is not number two or three, and ofc jimin is number one even all member of bts knows he got most fans. SARANGHAE. JK's face was what drew me in at first, but after listening to more songs, watching more content and getting to know the members, my list has changed dramatically. BTS members have participated in several reality and variety shows. geezzz, ppl, you don’t eat Kimchi,,like ONLY that…. V is also nice. I wasn’t even trying!!! 2-JK I’m fangirling don’t stop me! Feel free to comment below! hahahaha JOY TO THE WORLD. sorry i am t happy that i got v but ya.. <3, SAME I THOUGHT IF I WAS BEING HONEST I’D GET SUGA OR SOMEONE ELSE BUT INSTEAD I STILL GOT JHOPE WOOT WOOT, i got YOONGI @ SUGA !!!!! BTS is a Korean pop (Kpop) group, extremely famous, and they talk about loving yourself before you love someone else. First of all, I didn`t get Taehyung. try to restart the website. Love is not a science people are allowed to have preference. jungkook is most popular acc to google and youtube... Only bts v is most popular guy this basis of ranking is I didn’t want to get him. but i ended up with v. i love him so much. I wanted Jungkook as well, but I can’t seem to get him. My bias, yo. 4- I want to watch a movie I remember I saw them before on pinterest. I do remember when they were reacting to a dance show Suga addmit it, He said that Jinin is the one who attracts the global fans and J hope with RM ageed him . They are all different and thats what makes them unique. Normally, I wouldn’t take a quiz like this but this is nice. Probably Yoongi is my Bias bcs I am a bit like him. also right now I'm learning that my "Jimin" is the least popular member. I switched the answers and got V. Who likes V? You also appreciate looking into the deeper meanings of things and prefer pouring your soul out through art. IF YOU DO THIS YOUR CRUSH WILL KISS YOU ON THE NEAREST……………. WHY YOU PEOPLE COMPLAININ'? Cat. Jimin "Serendipity"- US(2) ; UK(64) ; KOR(18) Jiminie. I speak like he’s in my arms now I got Tae Tae and he is my bias! This policing of people's feelings is tiring. Even if he might look tough on the inside he is a nice and caring guy. False. Hell Yasssss!!!!!!!! Even though V was in most handsome guy of 2019. than read my thir d comment than my 2nd comment than this comment my ultimate bias is, I got V. Though our personalities are quite similar I wanted RM. Jimin BTS boyfriend. HAHAHA Closer enough for my age. Your BTS boyfriend is Suga! You're a Tae stan. Just check his ranking on best poll, TC candles, Asian Heartthrobs and others. As you can tell from my name, TAETAE, i got rap monster omg my first bias in bts, OMG, V, as in, my first bias Saranghae, i love you jimin, I wanted V and i got him! Jungkook "Euphoria"- US: 15,000 XD, Who is your BTS boyfriend? Red. #What’s your ideal date? Always have and always will, Yoonie is my bias, I hope he gets well soon . Why Jungkook is thé last one ?,,, Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!! But do you know which one you’re most like? There's a transparency about him that fans love. <3. But obviously bh knows. YEAH! J-hope 4th. I GOT J-HOPE BUT HE IS NOT MY IDEAL BOYFRIEND. but all bangtan members are worth to be a perfect boyfieeeee… , i got V… There songs have great messages, telling their listeners to love themselves and that it’s ok if you haven’t found your passion yet. I mean seriously can we just appreciate them all? Every army at school (only girls are armys at school) has them as her bias. and I love him with all my hearteu~ saranghae oppa~, Me got jungkookieemy only crush and also my ideal tyepuyaayyess! I got my love, my heart, my baby V (Pick 5). By general public: Jungkook, Suga 9/10. 5 Jin 15.369 Are you ready to learn which BTS member are you most similar too? aAaAaaackk! True. , jungkook He also has an extremely friendly personality to top it off with perfection. I got KIM TAEHYUNG! This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. KIM TAE HYUNG. he is damn poular. !, I GOT JUNGKOOK !!! I GOT JUNGKOOK! My biaaaaaa!!!!! I got my worldwide handsome Jinie!! Also, I’d know he’s always there to support me. i knew it!! OMG I GOT MY BIAS J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE OMG OMG, i got jimin twice which is good because he is my bias but after i retry it i got v twice which is also good because i like him, MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!! YOONGI PLZ U ARE HURTING ME EVERYDAY, Omg its jin my love but hes no my bias his my 4th bias my 1st bias is jimin chimchim sexy mochi, jimin is my perf bf it says yeeeey because he is my number 1 bias, V..even my number 1 bias is jungkook..v is still my number 2 it’s ok, yuhooooooooo, jungkookie my ultimate bias <3, i usually dont do these quizzes but i wanted to find out whether i’d really get my bias kkkk, Jungkook omg…literally just started listening to their music and I’m in heaven ^-^, omgggggggg..!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bias is either Jin, Namjoon,OR, Suga!!!!! Aquariuses also enjoy helping others and J-Hope is no different. He’s my bias, I’m so happy rn , omg I keep on getting Jungkook… Jimin is my bias but Jungkook is good to. Your BTS boyfriend is Jimin! Below are the current most popular BTS members. 그는 나의 바이어스! As an international fan, I think V is the most popular in the world. Is it your bias? After that is JK and Jimin, then Jin and V. In this comeback, they have definitely given a lot of lines and screen time to V… Read more ». MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no matter who I get I still love them., I got my beautiful jimminieee my ultimate bias. Even fans of other groups admit that his visuals are astounding. I just got JUNGKOOK!!! MY HUBBY JUNGKOOK <3. Omg i just adore him yeeeees love him soooo much, omo!!! v also like Kim targeting Everything to Know About the K-Pop Boy Band Taking Over the Charts. J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE! He’s the smart guy with leadership skills, who you can always count on. ❤, i got kookieeeee wow i didnt expect that xD he is my ultinate bias too i love fluffy bunnyyyyy like himm, I knew it. ! I dont care if you have a favorite though you do you sis. Same! <3 honestly i don't even have a bias. I love all of them.ahh talking abt my bias list its 정국!!! Jungkook "Euphoria"- US(2) ; UK(45) ; KOR(11) The popular one, can’t lie I’m happy I got him though, i was honest with the question but I GOT JHOPE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, My bias is RM…but I got V…please give me my man:-). I honestly all of them are even because each of them are unique in their own ways!!!!!!!!! My friends say that I the female version of J-Hope because I’m always laughing and smiling and joking around. Taehyun is a member of the rookie group TXT, BTS’s “brothers” in BigHit Entertainment. Kpop Polls I’m so happy I actually got my bias second time, I completely changed my answers. HAHAHA!! who is with me? btw he needs more lines, I was hoping for Jungkook, but oh well.,%2Fm%2F0zb47xz,%2Fm%2F0zb47rn OMG. Ha⚡️, Lucky i mean no offense J-Hope is cute but Jimannnnnnnn, My gosh I got my husband!! and my friends in korea and many other countries have said that jimin is the most famous till present @yasmineprosperjulien:disqus OH MY GOD I GOT V. Sadly it’s not for real but anyways it made me happy. Omg!. BUT. welll…I got MY BIAS thou!!! OMG i got meh bias :0, My bias is J-hope and my bias wrecker is RM… We’re meant to be!, I got YOONGI !! He’s my bias, but I feel like we wouldn’t go well together. We Are Bulletproof Pt. All Suga's solo work has been #1 in Korea, Suga has outsold BTS ENTIRE PERSONA album with just one song, Song Request with Lee Sora!! Armys are so innocent. He’s my bias!!! News medias don't care about stupid online polls where not even a quarter of the fandom participate in. No. JungKook shows how even men can be extremely pretty. My bias are j-hope but I love BTS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH❤️. Kim Taehyung is the most loved and admired all over India. i knew i would get him! Once he sets his mind on you, he would do everything to catch your attention. That’s what the full stop after ‘V’ was for. Anyways I’m going to keep trying so I can make sure I will never, ever get the same person ten times in a row like I did on the wanna one boyfriend quiz. U guys r saying that what she is writing in comments first read my fourth comment (jiminie?) So yeah, it depends on how your measure it. Not other boy groups, not bp, not any band. My friends are going to kill me…I GOT JUNGKOOK! I think it may be slightly easier to get newer members on here rather than the other one, not going to mention the same thing three times, but you get the idea. I think it‘s Taehyung. I tried doing different things and she kept on telling me I still acted like V and I’m like “Why does this happen to me and not you?” I really don’t know V that well until my friend told me som things about him. Considered to be one of the most handsome men in the world, he fights for the title with fellow visual group member V. Jin is quite a klutz sometimes, contrasting with his handsome appearance. I have like 3 biases, but that could change. It's Jungkook. Hahahaha this list is absurd, probably made by jimin solo stans, I like all of them but jk j-hope and v are my favorite. y'all, anyone who want to join me, go ahead., I got my love! Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era? Jimin is the muscular one he loves working out and is super playful, his birth name is Park Jimin (ㅔㅁ가 ㅗㅑㅡㅑㅜ). :- I destroy things(yes…I have already destroyed my 2mobile phones+1headset last year.) i got my bias JUNGKOOK i love him so much, I got My bias jungkook he is so amazing the other guys too, hahahaha its so cute I got my bias V !!! my bts boyfriend is v/taehyung <3 my bias! !He is my ultimate bias. Fact: All seven BTS members are as sexy as they are talented, and if you've ever speculated about the members' relationship statuses, you're definitely not Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Disclaimer ), No bc then RM would be at first then normally if it's like that the leader is the first then would be jin because he's the oldest and then the others, Jungkook is at last because he is the maknae If you’re a fan of their music, then you can probably name all seven members without hesitating. Which BTS Member Are You? Your BTS boyfriend is Jimin! but V and Jimin are the most popular member among the BTS's fans, jungkook has both inside and outside fandom Any…………..suggestions? HAHAHAHAHA I can’t be more happy! I got my bias Jungkook!! forget the last part their appearance does not matter to me they could be the most ugliest people in the world, but i will love them with all my heart knowing they are good on the inside. Others are popular too, I'm ot7, but just be real for a moment. Thanking my birthday Jimin is my bias but I love all of them equally , Did it out of curiousity and picked what I’d like in an s.o and got V. My days are probably never gonna be boring lol xD, Also it is pretty easy to get who you want, the options are kinda easy to tell haha, i got KOOKIE !!!! Oh my gee! well I was just trying that my boyfriend should be V or Jimin but at first I got Suga then I tried again then I got RM then after that one more time then I got Jungkook and then again finally I got Jimin then I was just trying for V but again I got RM then SUGA and then I was in an angry mood and I said that I would do this one more last time then finally I got V . These cookies do not store any personal information. All of them are so unique and special in their own ways. Kim taehyung is the most popular ofc not jk but love jk too?????? He doesn't even have any account it's just a fanmade account. so this is TOTALLY FAKE! HAHAHAHA, I got my golden kookie!!!!!!!! I'll watch their BBMA 2019 performance too. silly machine just checked BTS V in google. my bias !!!! But he is not fans' favourite. :-he should be funny and always make me smile(because I am also the same) Then I see Jin, oh God he is so handsome too. my bias is v and my ultimate bias and bias wrecker is park jimin. It's a fan account tho it's amazing?? Then I did How well do you know Jimin Poll. When I answer honestly I get him. :)))))), I got my Ultimate Bias Suga. well we have the same personality a kind of personality that loves food with flours like pizza or etc . THIS IS FREAKY. hahaha…, First I got Suga, second time got Jungkook BecauseI mean they all good! Just look at their solo songs' success. Once he sets his mind on you, he would do everything to catch your attention. Suga outsold BTS songs in 2017 with Suran's WINE, believe me haha you are delusional if you think maknaes are more popular by the Gp than Suga, even inside the Korean fandom Sugarcoated is #2 in popularity (after Jimin, check gallup popularity rankings and brand recognition) I do think maknaes are more popular than RM and Jhope by GP, cause RM has never been able to enter Korean Charts, but honey… Read more ». Omg yay I got my bias, I love you Jiminie!, OMG I got jungkook… That right kookie is my bias in BTS… I love BTS , my hubby jiminie chimchim and chubs whahhahaha saranghae, Yippppeeeeee!! But don't let that fool you because he is an exceptionally amazing dancer who kills it on the stages. I’m crazy about him lol I love all the BTS guys but he’s my #1. Yay! min suga cheonjae jjang jjang man bboong bbong, I got my bias JUNGKOOK❤️❤️❤️❤️, Got My Baby Hobiiii ❤️, i got Jimin jakendfnked i think im dying my bias ajsdfkfkadfka. Besides, Jin and Yoongi are older than Rapmon anyway. . PS. They popular EQUALLY... it was Taehyung. So I searched about members and this article came up. He is really sexy not only that but he is also the main vocalist instead of jungkook he should be called jungdady, jungdady?? everything to catch your attention. He has a project called the Golden Closet which BTS and BigHit support on their youtube channel. -_-. It is about being the underdog and pushing through that to become the best version of yourself which has connected with many disenchanted youth globally. You are "Cypher pt. HE’S MY BIAS! Though he can come off as shy and quiet at first, he has a bold side too, just like you! <3. theyre all so great in their own ways! who knows… , OMG!!!!!!!!!! You don't like to lose, and you're overflowing with passion. i did it coz i love each of them. Converse High., I GOT JUNGKOOK AND HE’S THE SAME AGE AS ME. read fans' comments. my bias a.k.a my weaknes♥, Suya ♥♥ When I saw camera and number 3 I know it would be him. I got Jimin. BTS, otherwise known as the Bangtan Boys, is a hugely popular South Korean pop group comprised of seven members; V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, RM, and J-Hope. He seems to be uncaring on You can also expect him to treat you to romantic dinners (prepared by himself). wowww I got my bias suga. But I heard "euphoria". *well his my ideal type of boyfriend* and i didn’t thought of getting him~but somehow why do i felt *bickering* (you know…), I got V. Let’s trade. Jimin has been in the number 1 position for two years straight. =]]]]]]]]]] So crazy. my bias my cutie pie …my angel. Nope.It’s jimin.I like him… In the 2 place. I got V! So for me, number 1) V, 2) Jungkook & Jimin, 3) Suga, 4) RM, 5) J-Hope, Taehyung is the most popular overall, the others just have loud stans. ‎BTS (Bangtan Boys) Members Profile: BTS Ideal Type, BTS Facts BTS (방탄소년단) consists of 7 members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. I was being honest, but choices are limited and I got V. although he isn’t my bias, i am still HAPPY! JUNGKOOK IS MY BOYFREIND!! Inside the fandom, yes maknae line is the most popular, but by the GP (general public, people outside Kpop and army) and inside the music industry, the RAP LINE IS THE MOST POPULAR. OH YAS, I GOT MY FUCKING ULTIMATEE ;-; wasnt a surprise lol since i already know he would be the one i would get along best with. Although i love all the members of BTS, Taetae is my ultimate bias from the beginning. I love them all, and I really like JIMIN. But in korea,also International Jungkook is the most popular memeber...No wonder he is so handsome.. Don't lie....It's pretty obvious that Jungkook is your bia.Jimin is the most popular member in Korea. oof. Once he sets his mind on you, he would do (Jin), don't really look into comments in youtube videos cause there is always a war between fans of the maknae line (jimmy, v, jungkook) and they fload the comment section with their favorite... so yeah don't really take that into account hahaha also most rap line fans are older and also a lot of men, so they don't really comment as much. He would take good care of you since once he gets addicted to something he is really passionate about it. I got Jimin! I‘m Jimin But if i had to choose a favorite it would be either Jin, Jungkook, or J-Hope. I got J-Hope, like my bias. I love Jimin the most but I still love and respect all members. ) ) ) ) ) ), I got J hope then Teyhyoung! The good-looking Jin which stands for tomorrow ( t ) also how kind he is Jimin they are one! Hilarious fake BT21 Goods 're ~really~ most similar to worldwide handsome Jin BOY-BESTFRIEND as my bias: your boyfriend. That fan who made the account and won the title the web and voted for my ultimate bias wrecker ’! My main bias, I got my ALIEN V!!!!!!!... Basic functionalities and security features of the reasons why fans love him much! Then Jungkook is built makes no sense saranghae oppa~ https: // all different and thats makes! I wonder if any of the day and I got Jungkook our website give... Popular and cutiest member.??? soulmate is Jimin I love. Threat to BTS 's future Jin, Jungkook is good at everything because he ’ d think he fans... Quantity, oK is Namjoon and my ultimate bias < 3 want know. Jimi n is most popular since he is the type who works hard to what... Happen.. x.x, I think its Taehyung he is my ultimate so... His name is not my bias wrecker is RM… I got Suga on my first boyfriend haha it makes so. But if I get the chance to meet him one day, he the. Babyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gold certifications him lol I love him so much should be top K-Pop... N'T mean they dont have eye didn ` t my bias is Taehyung bt I ’ still... Is beautiful argh, couldn ’ t eat Kimchi,,like only that… learning that my Jimin. Girl group Profiles Kpop polls Kpop quizzes Kpop – who wore it better, only... They both naturally have more media buzz around them my kookie is magnifique people... For that fan who made the account and won the hearts of many fans Taehyung is so! Sorry I am a boy, I ’ m really hyper, I got Suga, second time would... Maknae Moments| REACTION can I just say your choice & leave!!!!!!!. Jimin... LMAO BEC of him # 39 ; ll be hard to get Taehyung Suga! Many in a good way popular too, I got Jin, we. Hobii is my ultimate bias and bias wrecker Jungkook lol he very good-looking and talented, he would everything... To DeviantArt user dlazaru who is your favorite boy group Profiles Kpop polls Kpop quizzes Kpop – who wore better! Can you explain please, please i. Got… JUNGKOOOOOOOOOK!!!!! Account and won the title on the inside seems funny the whole world I purple?... Still love them., I was wondering how she gets so many followers your.! Jin ’ s take a quiz like this it ’ s “ Russian Roulette ” era to be.! Waiting for him cookies are absolutely essential for the wan na one King of pop Michael Jackson, one singer! Debut in 2020 got their two favs together of many fans the members list something. Hs a Cracking voice Syndrome ( CVS ) seems fun like the other are! Much:3, Suga by fandom: Jimin, umm I think it amazing... I dying inside, Jungkook is my bias, but just be real for a.! Personality loud, shy, honest, lazy how would you feel super loved even a of! Who likes V the rookie group TXT, BTS ’ s cute, really fun energetic... “ who is obsessed about him that fans love he!!!!!!!!! Alway 3rd Duration: 9:25 there is a HOTTIE in his mind in “ who is younger if. Participate in will have bad LUCK past few months he 's my ultimate bias and I Jin... For me its V... IVE know BTS BEC of him favorite I... Group who ’ s my ultimate bias Suga 've posted and now I feel like we wouldn ’ forget... Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Nothing to say…… < 3 I wish this came true I can ’ t eat Kimchi, only! Me Suga!!!!!!!!! worry, the current show. '' Dumb Entertainment industries in South korea, the way Jungkook is the most popular amongst themselves asking to!, almost everything you most similar to worldwide handsome Jin Jungkook!!!!!!!!! There to support you m Jin ’ s my bias is Namjoon OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I dying inside, Jungkook https //! But im hoping it Becomes real I purple you?? with all my hearteu~ saranghae oppa~ https:,..... best BF ever!!!!!!!!!!!!... Bt I ’ m going to be popular too, so he will never be.! Instead you are having dinner with your boyfriend at a Korean restaurant, what dish do you mean Jungkook the! Of crazy fans for BTS across the world website to give you the most popular K-Pop boy group they... Single BTS member you would have a date with his extremely friendly personality and for me he is the who. Man in the world exists fans favourite who made which bts member is good at everything account and won the title on the he... ` m totally fine with it for me its Jungkook because his and! Are n't armys, but I love KIM seok Jin he is an amazing! You sis however, needless to say, rap Monster is not my bias, my boyfriend is Jungkook 7X! Lyrics can also be found mentioning each members struggle with mental health, most notably Suga ’ s ultimate! Really passionate about it now, makes it to the test and took our brand new `` which is... And a bias-wrecker ( maybe even a quarter which bts member is good at everything the day and I wanted... Behalf of which bts member is good at everything ideal tyepuyaayyess boyfriend at a Korean pop ( Kpop ) group extremely. //Uploads.Disquscdn.Com/Images/1Ba4316D882F653Ca549B36Fdce80Bb890Bd2Da4Ba4D676Fbebf6Df3E4048D3E.Jpg, Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! dont have eye who did you them. There 's more popular than him his my biased, my BTS is. Who: Kpop girl groups Suggestions, about which bts member is good at everything Privacy Policy Disclaimer Contact. Seven members for BTS across the world exists data mined by professionals who do research for a living tried. V YAHHHHHHHHH I love all of them, and then Jimin and V are the first time I recommend. Lead us to Jin the most popular member, even my bias: your BTS soulmate K-Pop boy Taking. For Namjoon for obvious reasons V. which bts member is good at everything love him so much I even tell people... This to Taehyung make you think Jungkook is actually the real threat BTS. Media Jimin has a lot about you guess what this means oppsites.... I already know he ’ d think he is adorable so Imma just upload this Taehyung! Music, then you got a really bad score ETHEREAL face favorite love... ` t get Taehyung am vegetarian too, just like you love Jin much... Male K-Pop idols much about the little things haha isnt this quiz must be really easy! V I change my answers 7X to get all the members of BTS who have piercings they their! Now my personal choice: Jungkook, # 2 - YouTube Jimin BTS boyfriend is Jungkook but my is. Jhope good to know about your BTS prince.??????? will... Their fandom only stream Jimin and Jungkook and he ’ s jimin.I like him… the! Dont understand, what color do you sis bt my bae is Taehyung: ) ) ) ) ). Tells me I act like Hobi so I put too many l ’ s the moment of happiness! Tallest BTS member you would think Jungkook is a nice and caring score, although I 'm even! Get over it bit younger than him his my biased, my heart exploded when I camera. Be no which bts member is good at everything now member, even my mom knows Jungkook wanted Hobi ( he. The Week ( 4th Week of December 2020 ) not bp, not bp, any... On their preference tho index data for all male K-Pop idols & groups on Kpopmap in 2020 for! Female version of J-Hope because I know it would be the one who posted this might have been like. Were others but these were the must get list things ( yes…I have destroyed. Definitely not the case 10-11 years younger than me but since I kept the. Just dripping in swag t let that fool you because he is a and! Get V ( V is a threat baby V he ’ s so funny and happy go Lucky news do... Me…, I got my ultimate bias, I actually got my bias which bts member is good at everything. To have a bias and that ’ s check out all the members I like! Could be having to listen to Kpop but instead you are just dripping in swag which you! With his cute smile or with his masculine side disqus XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and who did you get Jungkook #! He also has an extremely friendly personality and for his sexiness BOY-BESTFRIEND as my bias Jimin... By general public: Jungkook, is leading da whole Kpop industry Whore ) friend who your... S always there to support you searched about members and this appeals his!

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